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This play had a lot of magic and mythology from the children and I ran with it.  The central antagonist killed a dragon and decided to wear its skin, an act that caused the dragon's magic to be distributed to all of the characters in the play. I asked the children if they wanted to save the dragon or keep their powers and only two children wanted to save the dragon.  Only two.

Since the children didn't really care about the morality of  how they got their powers, this play became a parable about greed and coveting dragon powers.  In the end the dragon's powers are returned to it, and the kid's characters are left with nothing.

Play For Spring 2019: Work

Cast of Characters

Pablo -   Pablo, the son of Bob the Grim Reaper, saw a dragon while on a walk with his pet/cousin Weeble Wobble Jr.  Sadly, the dragon was too pink so he killed it and put on its skin and released all of the dragons magic out into the kingdom.  If he takes the skin off, it will become an egg and absorb all of its power back.  Now, Pablo has become the most powerful creature in the land, but at what cost?

- Weeble Wobble Jr. - 50% Jaguar 50% Human and 100% Rich.  Weeble Wobble Jr is always there to stand up for his friends and to sit down for dinner.

Spy --  Quick and nimble the spy is a master of espionage and could easily sneak past guard dogs and laser beams.  That was until she started glowing in the dark..,.

Jake -A thief and treasure hunter with gold fever, Jake used to have to use his gadgets to get the job done, but has suddenly found himself able to walk through walls.

Atlas - A veteran in the field,  Atlas has teamed up with Jake to stockpile all  the gold they can get their hands on , and his job just got as easy as a snap.

Wolfie  -A wolf cub/ werewolf that got seperated by lava from his family and abandoned.  Now, trying to make a life for himself, even though it’s not easy without a pack.

Iceberg  - An ice dragon in disguise as a fox, Iceberg is very wise and wishes to save the world by restoring balance.  He also likes lollipops. 

Crystal - A dragon that is  half crystal and half water, Crystal is self-reliant and can fend for herself.  To hear her tell it, she could take down the problem with one hand tied behind her back, while asleep, and snacking.

Claudia - An 11 year old girl in the court, Claudia finds herself able to read minds and who knows what else? What will she do with these new found powers?

Rachel - A 10 year old girl in the court, Rachel can suddenly communicate with and control plants. She is eager to see her powers grow, and not particularly interested in the dragon..

Izzy - A girl of the court, Izzy wasn’t planning on becoming part teleporting panda today, but it seems like this is just like the same sort of just like totally unnecessary drama she’s had to deal with, ever since turning 14.  If only she could control her powers.

Midnight - A cat.  Likes to chase rats.  Lives in a castle. He caught 10 rats. Cat.

 Cuddles - Cuddles is a rabbit who was adopted from a pet shelter by Ellie.  She loves to eat popsicles and lollipops and she is very soft.

Ellie - Ellie is the queen of a very respected kingdom.  She always makes sure that things are running smoothly and this nonsense going on right now won’t do.

Scene 1

(Enter Pablo and Weeble Wobble Jr.  Pablo is putting on the dragon costume as he comes onstage.)

Pablo : Oww. owww.  This thing is hot. Okay. Here we go.  I knew that dragon’s skin would look 

much better on me.  It looked far too pink when it was on the dragon.

Weeble Wobble Jr.:  Yes, it looks better now.

Pablo: (Screams)  Weeble Wobble Jr.  You can talk? Do it again.

Weeble Wobble Jr.:.... Hi

Pablo: Wow! You can talk and I understand what you are saying.  This new skin is awesome.

Weeble Wobble Jr. : I’ve been talking the entire time we’ve been together.

Pablo:  You have just been saying, “Rawr, rawr, rawr.”

Weeble Wobble:  The whole time?! 

Pablo: Yep… you didn’t know?

Weeble Wobble: No, I thought I was very clear.

Pablo:  I just assume that when you talk, you are hungry.

Weeble Wobble:  Rawr Rawr Rawr

Pablo: Alright, let’s get some food.

Scene 2

(Inside the castle, Midnight is on the ground.)

Midnight:  I do wish they would keep this castle cleaner.  I’ve already caught 10 rats.  Just a mess.  

(enter Cuddles)

Cuddles: Hopping is just like flying (hop) Rabbits are the coolest (hop)  I like lollipops ( hops)

Midnight: Cuddles!  You finally learned to talk!

Cuddles:  What do you mean, I learned to talk?  I’ve been talking since I was born.  

You’re the one who sits around, “meow, meow, meow.”

Midnight:  I do no such thing. I’m very classy, unlike you. Making that fidgety noise of your.

  (Does an impression of a rabbit.)

Cuddles: Meow Meow Meow

Midnight:  (Rabbit impression)

Cuddles : Meow Meow

Midnight: Rabbit impression

(Enter Ellie)

Ellie: What is going on here?

Cuddles/Midnight:  He said that I don’t know how to talk.

(At the sight of the two talking animals, the queen faints.)

Cuddles:  On no, the queen!

(Both hurry over to her, close curtains)


Scene 5

(Back in the castle, Ellie, Claudia, Rachel, Cuddles and Midnight)

Midnight: I don’t think we should call it cat food anymore, it should be called food.  Am I not a



(Enter Izzy)

Izzy: You’re excellence we have two supposed dragons here to speak with you about all this madness.

Ellie:  Let them in.

(Enter Iceberg and Crystal)

Crystal:  We come with great urgency.  Pablo, son of Bob, has killed our brother and now wears

 his skin.  

Iceberg: As you know, when dragons die we become eggs again, and our magic is contained.

Crystal:  But since he is being worn, he cannot become an egg again and all of his magic has

 spilled out into the kingdom.

Midnight: We noticed we can talk.

Cuddles: And we are just soooo hoppy about it.

Ellie: AHHHHH, make it stop.

Iceberg: The only way to make it stop is to take down Pablo, or at least get him to change.

Claudia: Animals eat each other all the time, what’s the big deal?  It’s just the food chain.

Iceberg:  This is not natural.  This is an act of evil. Nothing is meant to hunt dragons.

Rachel:  What about knights?

Crystal:  Ha,  I’ve eaten 100 knights.

Ellie;  Hey! Those were my knights.

Rachel:  The plants say that you are very dangerous and I should watch out.

Crystal:  Of course, we are dangerous.  WE’RE DRAGONS!  I could eat everything here.

Iceberg:  But we won’t.  We came here for a reason.  The world is in great danger!

Claudia:  I can see into their minds.  He is telling the truth.

Iceberg:  What?   How?

Claudia:  We all have dragon powers now… 

Izzy:  Yeah,  I don’t think this monster can be that scary if we all have powers. RAAAAR, I’M a 


Rachel:  OKay, Dragons, We will think about it and get back to you.

Cuddles:  Why don’t you go and in a couple of generations we will let you know.

Midnight:  Yes, it’s time for us to eat food,food.

Ellie: You are still getting cat food!

Crystal:  Fine, I always thought we could do this ourselves anyway.

(Crystal exits in a huff)

Iceberg:  Right now, the most powerful thing in this world is evil.  Nothing will know peace until this

 is fixed.

(Iceberg exits)

Midnight:  I’M HUNGRY!!!!!!

Ellie: Fine!  

(Ellie, Midnight, and Cuddles exit.)

Claudia:  You know, I bet those dragons could have taught us how to use these powers.

Izzy:  Yeah, I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Only my head and hands transformed.

Rachel:  Alright, lets go after them then, and become the best defenders this kingdom has ever seen.

(All 3 exit, Curtain)


Scene 10

(In Pablo’s lair)

Pablo:  This is the worst.  Why are all of the castles already raided?  There is nothing for me to 


Weeble Wobble Jr.:  AHHHH,  I want more treasure.

Wolfy:  It looks like you already have most of the treasure.

Weeble Wobble Jr.:  I WANT MORE TREASURE!

Wolfy:  Okay, we will find more treasure.  Also, let’s eat soon.

Weeble Wobble Jr.:  YEAH! LETS EAT!

Pablo:  Have fun hunting you two.

(Weeble Wobble, and Wolfy run off.  Pablo paces across the stage)

Pablo:  I never thought being the most powerful being in the universe would make me so restless.

(Enter Claudia, Rachel, and Izzy)

Izzy:  We’re here!

Rachel:  Oh man this place is disgusting.

Claudia: You’re right, I get that he lives in a cave, but couldn’t he clean up some of the cobwebs.

Pablo: *Cough Cough*

Rachel:  Oh sorry, didn’t mean to be rude.

Claudia:  It’s very nice.  The cobwebs add a certain….. Spideryness to the place.

Izzy:  More like creepiness….

Pablo: Silence!  What are you doing in my home?!?!

Rachel:  We got powers.

Izzy: But we don’t know how to use them right.

Claudia:  We were really hoping you would be able to teach us how to use our powers since you 

are so powerful.

Pablo: HAHAHAHAHA.  You fools. Why would I ever help you?

Izzy: We thought that since you gave us the powers, that….

Pablo:  Gave you the powers?  You don’t know the meaning of the word power.  

Claudia:  (Tries to use magic to convince him)  You want to help us.

Pablo: HAHAHA.  You can’t do anything to affect me.  I am too powerful.

Rachel:  I can make all the plants….. OH NO…. he made all the plants explode.


Dizzy:  What if I become a panda and attack?

Pablo: You really aren’t grasping how powerful I am.  My pet has a werewolf… as a pet.  You are

 nothing to me. 

(Uses magic and makes all 3 girls spin in a circle as if caught in a tornado and then exit)

 To the dungeons with you.  What a waste of my time, this lair needs better security.

(Enter Crystal and Iceberg)

Crystal:  Now we have you just where we want you.

Iceberg:  You must take off that dragon skin.  We do not want to resort to combat.

Crystal: Speak for yourself.

Pablo: Seriously, what is with people bursting into my lair unannounced.  You know you can’t 

defeat me.

Iceberg:  You left us no choice.  The balance of the world is at stake.

Pablo:  Pssh, maybe we don’t need perfect balance all the time.  You ever played on a teeter


Crystal:  Enough talk.  ( Crystal breathes fire/ice at pablo to no effect.)

Pablo: I’m wearing dragon skin. That will never hurt me.

Crystal: No, it can’t be.

Iceberg: Great, now he’s going to be wearing US.

Pablo:  Actually, this thing is super uncomfortable, and there is no point in having more than one.

 I’m already the most powerful being in the universe.

Iceberg:  You were already the most powerful without it, can’t you just take it off.

Pablo:  No, I still like it, have fun in the dungeons.  (Uses magic to spin them offstage) 

I really need to get a better door to this place.

(Curtains Close)


Scene 15

(Ellie, Cuddles and Midnight in front of the curtain)

Midnight:  Cats used to have 11 lives but we traded two in so that we can always land on our feet. 

Cuddles:  My ears are soft and my fur is soft.

Ellie:  THAT’S IT! I can’t take it anymore!  (RUNS OFFSTAGE followed by pets.)

Scene 16

(Pablo, Wolfy and Weeble Wobble in lair)

Pablo:  This stinks, everywhere we go, everything has already been looted and when we sit at

 home we get all these annoying guests.

Wolffy:  Who we should eat?

Weeble Wobble:  Yeah, I’m hungry.

Pablo:  You two just ate!

(Enter Ellie, Cuddles, and MIdnight)


Cuddles:  I like carrots, I don’t love them… okay, I love carrots.

Midnight:  Carrots are nothing compared to a fresh caught bird.


Pablo: What?

Ellie:  This is all your fault. All of my children ran away, I can’t find any of my citizens, and my pets 

won’t stop talking!

Pablo: This isn’t really my problem…

Wolfy: I can eat them for you.

ELLIE:  YOU WILL NOT EAT MY CUDDLES!  You are going to fix her into a nice hopping quiet 

bunny!  Now!

Pablo: No, I think I will just send you down with the rest of the trespassers in the…

(Enter Atlas and Jake and Spy)

Atlas: I can’t believe we still haven’t found the treasure.

Spy:  It isn’t my fault, I’m being the best flashlight I can be.

Jake: Here everybody is, why don’t we just ask?  Hey, Pablo,where is the treasure?

Pablo: What are you three doing out of the dungeon?

Atlas:  I can walk through walls, why would we keep hanging out in your dungeon?

(Enter Rachel, Claudia, and Izzy)

Izzy:  Now he will have to train us.

Rachel:  Yeah, we escaped his dungeon; that had to be some sort of test.

Claudia:  Okay Pablo, we are here to continue our training.

Pablo:..... What?

Dizzy: Yeah, we teleported here so we could keep training.

Pablo:  No, you should all be in the dungeon, I don’t want to deal with you again.

(Enter Iceberg and Crystal)

Iceberg/Crystal:  HELLooooooo..

Pablo:  AHHHHHHH! That does it!  I can’t take it anymore.  This extra power is not worth dealing

 with all of you people. ( Pablo takes off dragon suit and throws it offstage.  We roll a rock 

onstage to show it turned into a dragon egg.)

Iceberg:  Oh thank goodness.  

Crystal:  That was all we needed, he’s going to become a dragon again?

Iceberg:  Yes, that was all we needed, the dragon is a dragon again.  Let’s go.

(Iceberg and Crystal leave)

Midnight: Meow

Cuddles:  Rabbit noise

Ellie:  Hurray.  Thank you so much.  (Ellie grabs Midnight and Cuddles and takes them offstage)

Spy:  Hey look, I stopped glowing.  I’m going back to being a spy (Spy leaves)

Claudia: Wait… my powers, I can’t feel my powers.

Weeble Wobble : Grrrrrr

Izzy:  What happened to our powers.

Pablo:  They are back in the dragon.  If you want to get your powers back you need to destroy

 that egg.

Atlas:  I can destroy it.  (Atlas tries to attack egg)

Jake:  I can help, together we will be the best treasure hunters in the world again. ( Attacks egg)

Pablo:  You fools, You will never destroy that egg.

Wolfy: *Howl*

Rachel:  We can help destroy it, and then we will get our powers back.

Izzy/Claudia/Rachel:  YEAH! LETS GET IT.  ( ALL 3 attack the egg)

Weeble Wobble:  GRRRRR

Wolfy:  *Howl*

Pablo:  Yes, it is sad. Let us leave them to their fate.

(Exit Pablo, Wolfy, and Weeble Wobble.  Give a few seconds of the kids attacking the egg that will never break and then curtain.)


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