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I tried something different with this one.  With nineteen children in the class I didn't get enough information about many of their characters, so after writing up the central plot around Capture the Flag, I brought the scripts in for the children to write some of their own lines.  When I got those scripts back I learned a couple of things.  First, children do not know what capture the flag is anymore. Second, children don't care about the plot and will just leave their scene in the middle without a destination.  I had to do a little "re-imagining" of some of the kids' lines but the whole thing turned out really well.

Every year the gods come down and force everyone to play games for their entertainment and people are sick of participating.  A mad scientist hamster and his dog wizard partner are going to see to it that this is the last year that it happens.

Play(Thursday) Fall 2019: Work

Scene 2

( Dark Angel, Night Sky, Nature, Midnight, Wendy, Tab-tab and Huntara are onstage. Tab-tab is hiding behind a bush)

Huntara:  I can’t believe none of the gods have come for us yet.  The annual capture the flag 

starts in hardly any time at all, we might not have to do it this year.

Tab Tab: Yes! I always hated that game.

Nature: What! I love that game

Night Sky: I love that game too.

Midnight: I’m actually glad they haven’t come yet.

Wendy: Yeah, they always make us do what they want.  It’s not fair.

Dark Angel: Let’s stay hidden for the whole game.

Huntara: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Tab Tab: Like this?

Nature:  Don’t be silly, We will never win that way.

Wendy: Whatever, we never win anything.

(Enter Clareece)

Clareece:  Oh thank goodness, you’re all here.  You all have to be on my team for the annual 

capture the flag game!

Huntara: Oh man, she found us!

Nature: Hurray, you found us!
Midnight: I guess that means we have to play capture the flag.

Wendy: Gahhh…. I’m already so behind on the things in MY LIFE.

Tab Tab: I’m still hidden here.

Clareece: (mad)You were hiding from me?

Dark Angel: (acting ignorant) Hiding??? Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Night Sky: Should we get going?

Clareece:  We have to hurry.

(All exit.  Curtains close)


Scene 4

(Mr. Giggles and Wizzy are onstage)

Mr. Giggles: I’m sick of the gods coming down here and making us do all the work and then they get all the rewards. It’s time we put a stop to it.

Wizzy: What can we do?

Mr. Giggles: I have a plan, but first we need to get that scale for ourselves.

Wizzy: No problem, I can just go grab it with my super speed.

Mr. Giggles: The gods will notice that, and we need time.

Wizzy: Then we should be really sneaky, maybe cause a distraction!

Mr. Giggles:  I think we are going to need some backup to pull this off.  Let’s use: THE TIME


(Push time machine onstage)

Wizzy: This is so cool! What does it do?

Mr Giggles:  It can grab people from time and bring them right here. Who should we bring?

Wizzy: I know ( Goes and presses controls) The wildest cowboy in the wild west, Morgan.

(Enter Morgan thru Time Machine)\

Morgan: Yippie-Kye-Aye magic doggie. What’s going on?

Mr Giggles: My turn. I’m going to bring back the scrappiest 1980’s detective there ever was, 

(Enter Hector Mcshnectar thru time machine)

Hector Mcshnectar: Ah yes.  This is different.

Sound fx - (Time Machine overheats)

Mr. Giggles:  Oh no.  It’s overheating!

(Time Machine Overheats and out shoots Gloppy)

Gloppy: Woah! Where am I?

Wizzy: Who are you?

Gloppy:  I’m Gloppy! I’m just a guy who can transform into a bird. Except, every time I do

 I fall fast asleep.

Hecter McShnectar:  Are you from the past or the future?

Gloppy: Future…….(falls asleep)

 Mr. Giggles: Welcome Everyone!!

Morgan: I’m still confused, will somebody tell me where I am?

Wizzy: This is me and Mr. Giggles secret lab.

Hecter McShnectar: Let me get this straight?  You brought me and Morgan into the future and 

Gloppy into the past?

Gloppy:(Wakes up) What….. What just happened?

Mr. Giggles:  Okay Team.  We don’t have much time, so I’ll explain on the way.  


(Close Curtains.)


Scene 6

(Mr. Giggles, Wizzy, Morgan, and Hector Mcshnectar are onstage)

Wizzy:  Hurry, Hurry, They could be here any time and they can’t be happy I lost the game.

Mr. Giggles: All the lights are on, this is good, very good.

Morgan:What’s this going to do?

Mr. Giggles: It should sent them away to another dimension.

Morgan: What’s that?

Hectar McShmectar: It’s someplace real far away that they can never get back from.

Morgan: Like the moon?

Hectar McShmectar: Sure, like the moon.

(Enter Alice, Kelly, Rocky, Gloppy, Clareece, Nowhere Man, What’s My name again.)

Gloppy: TA-DA!!!! See I told you it was here. 

Rocky: OOOOOOO Bear toys.

Alice:Wizzy! I can’t believe there was a secret lab under our house, and you didn’t tell us. Bad dog.

Kelly: Mr. Giggles?  You knew about this too.  I can’t believe it.  Our own pets having a secret lab.

Alice: This is why our electricity bill is so high. I’ve been paying for this.

Kelly: You are in soooo much trouble. 

Clareece: ahem

Kelly: Oh, and the Gods are mad at you.

Clareece: No, that’s okay. You take your time, talk to your pets, before YOU LET THE ANGRY GODS HAVE THEIR SAY!!!!

What’s My Name Again: You’re in trouble now.

Nowhere Man: Time to start dealing out punishments.

Dr. Giggles: Not so fast. We’re stopping you now.

Nowhere Man: I’m the son of Hades, you can’t do anything to hurt me.

Wizzy: We can make you go away. 

(Dr. Giggles turns on scale-o-matic and Nowhere man, Clareece, and What’s my name again  explode. 

SOUND FX - Explosion    (Or fly away or something, we will work it out in tech.)

Morgan: Sweet dusty Trail, it worked.

Hecter Mcshnecter: Well, that was unexpected.

(Dr. giggles and Wizzy are jumping up and down and high fiving)

Kelly: What… What did you just do?  Are the gods really gone?

Alice: We have the weirdest pets.

(Enter Dorina, Nature, Midnight, Wendy, Tab-Tab, Dark Sky, Night Angel, and Huntara)

Midnight: Is it true?  Are they gone?

Wendy: I hope so, I’m tired of hiding.

Dark Sky: It looks like they are gone.

Rocky: Who are  you people?

Huntara: We all live in the forest.

Tab-Tab: We were all hiding in the bushes.

Night Angel: We were on the other team.

Dorina: If they are really gone, can I have my scale back?

Mr. Giggles: Sure, they are gone. (Dorina gets her scale back)

Nature: Oh good. Clareece really scared me.

Wendy: This is awesome! Party at your house. (Points toward Alice and Kelly)

Alice/Kelly: Wait/What?

Tab-Tab: YEAH!!! PARTY!!!!!


(All of the forest people start dancing. Everyone else can also dance or just look at them like, “what are you doing in my house.”) 


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