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This was my first experience writing for Onstage, and I found it to be an exciting challenge.  I had 18 children whose every word becomes cannon, and it was fun to weave all the pieces together into a story.

The plot of this play was that a little girl had made a deal with the grim reaper for marvelous riches but when her 18th birthday comes around the grim reaper gets to take her mother.  At the girls birthday party the whole town comes together to help stop the grim reaper from getting to the mother within his time frame.
The unicorns really did play violin for this performance.  I bet you've never seen a unicorn play violin, it sounds just like a second grader playing violin.

Play for Winter 2019: Work

Scene 1

(Dawn is alone on-stage playing hopscotch)

Dawn: Hop hop hop HOP!  Oh no, I landed on a crack!

(A bell tolls and Bob the Grim Reaper and Weeble Wobble Enter)

Bob the Grim Reaper:  Did somebody here step on a crack?

Weeble Wobble: They did! I saw it with my own eyes.

Dawn: Oh no! You’re not here to break my Mama’s back are you!

Bob: Oh dear no.  That was always my fathers thing. Hank the grim reaper. My name is Bob.  I’m much cooler.  I’m here to make you rich!

Weeble Wobble:  RICH!

Dawn:  That doesn’t sound too bad.

Bob:  Of course when you turn 18 we get to take your mom away, but don’t worry about that, just sign here.

Weeble Wobble:  Wow! What a deal!

Dawn: Well, if it’s a great deal…..

(Enter Firefly quickly)

Firefly: Dawn, darling, what are you doing talking to Bob!

Dawn: Hello Firefly!  He is going to make me rich. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

Firefly: NO. Oh Sweetheart, haven’t you been told not to make deals with Bob?  He’s always trying to stiff people.

Weeble Wobble:  Hey, you stay out of this. (Use his tail to smash into something) MEOW!

Firefly: You should be ashamed of yourselves! Come on darling.

(Firefly and Dawn exit)

Bob: Don’t worry Weeble Wobble, it’s a numbers game. Tomorrow Bella turns 18 anyway. So we shall have a reward.

(Both Bob the Grim Reaper and Weeble Wobble do an evil laugh and exit)


Scene 3

(Bella and Emma enter, Bella is clearly worried and Emma is very excited)

Emma: Isn’t this exciting darling?  The whole town is in an uproar for your party tomorrow.  

Bella:  Yes it is all very nice.

Emma: I’ve hired the biggest stars in the land to come and perform.  It will be simply to die for.

Bella:  (Begins to sob)

Emma:  What is it darling?  Don’t worry, I told the photographers only to get your good side.

Bella: Oh no mother, its not that…. Its…. its.

Emma:  What is it darling?  You know I love you and you can tell me anything.

Bella: I did…. Something….. (Sobs and runs offstage)

Emma:  Darling come back, the stars are almost here… my she really does have the speed of a cheetah.

(Enter from the other side Charlie, and Delanie,  they keep striking poses)

Charlie:  We have arrived!

Delanie: and we are Fantastic!!!

Charlie:  Sorry it took us so long.

Delanie:  But the people needed our autographs.

Charlie:  We must give the people what they want.

Delanie:  And what they want is us!

Emma:  Well it is lovely to meet you. My name is Emma and I am running this whole affair.

Charlie:  I must say, you have excellent taste.

Delanie:  (gesturing to Charlie and herself)  Exhibit A!

(Unicorn noises coming from offstage, enter Magic and Melody)

Magic/Melody:  Did someone say excellent taste? (Strike a pose)

(Enter George hurriedly with pockets full of hot dog buns)

George:  Because I’m starving! (Pulls out hotdog bun and holds forward to be filled)

Emma: Oh, of course, sadly the oscarmeyer weiner mobile won't be here until…

George:  Tomorrow.  I know  (shows everybody his phone)  I’ve been tracking it!

Emma: If you are very hungry you may go eat some food in my palace.

George: Oh thank you!

(George rushes off)


Scene 4

(Dusk, Firefly and Dawn are all hanging out onstage and Dusk is showing them some of her potions)

Dusk:  This one makes you sing, and this one makes you dance, and this one makes you pee in your pants.

Dawn:  Ewwwwww

Dusk:  I only give that one to people who are rude.

Dawn:  Ewwwwww

Firefly: Wow, you really do have a potion for everything.

Dusk:  Yeah, I was in the scouts before I decided to become a good witch.

(Crying is heard offstage)

Bella( From offstage) :  FIREFLY!!!   FIREFLY!!!

Firefly:  Over here!

(Bella runs on stage)

Bella:  Oh Firefly. Please help me, I’ve done something just awful.

Firefly:  What is it Bella?

Bella:  I took Bob’s deal, that’s why my mom is sooo rich!  Tomorrow I turn 18…. I never thought this day would come! 

Dawn:  Ooooh Naughty… you shouldn’t have done that to your mama…

Bella:  Oh i know, I feel terrible.

Firefly:  Calm down.  We will try to help you.  We just have to stop Bob from touching your mother for a day.  

Dusk:  I’m sure I can make a potion to save your mother.

Firefly:  Oh thank goodness.  Hear that girl, there is no need to cry.

Dusk:  The only problem is I’m missing an ingredient.

Dawn: OH NO!!!!

Bella:  What do you need?  My mother can get anything for you.

Dusk: I need a hammer

Dawn: Oh thats easy.

Bella:  Yes, there are hammers everywhere.

Dusk: It’s not just any hammer.  It’s the M.C. Hammer,


Scene 5

(Charlie and Delanie are onstage by Lake(upstage))

Charlie:  I’m worried sick about something ruining the party tomorrow.

Delanie: Sometimes I miss when we hadn’t gone rogue.  Remember how they used to print out our missions for us.

Charlie: And highlight the important parts.

Delanie: Now we just get “vague sense of evil”.

Charlie: I know!  You call that a briefing?

Delanie:  Well, it was brief...

Charlie:  Oh quick, hide, somebody is coming.

(Charlie and Delanie Hide in bush stage right,  Enter Firefly looking for the hammer, checks behind bushes)

FireFly:  (talking to herself, checks)  These girls.  I can’t believe how quickly these children will make a deal with Bob the Grim Reaper. And then she waits until the day before her birthday to try to sort things out.  Could have given us a bit more notice. But no. If we don’t find the MC Hammer by tomorrow we can’t make the potion that will protect her mama from Bob and ...

(Firefly checks behind the bush where Charlie and Delanie are hiding.  All Scream,  Firefly runs away.  Charlie and Delanie return downstage center )

Delanie:  I can’t believe the first person to walk by found us.

Charlie:  Honestly, what sort of person checks every bush they pass for spies!

Delanie:  At least we know what the problem is now.  

Charlie:  We have to stop the grim reaper.


Scene 8

(In Dusks workshop.  Dusk and Firefly are finishing the potion)

Dusk: You’re lucky I’m so good at potions, normally this would take a person 92 years to make, but I did it in an hour.

Firefly: Well, that’s the way it is with children.  Everything is an emergency.

Dusk:  This potion will make it impossible for anyone who drinks it to be touched.  Now all we have to do is have Bella’s mom drink it.

Firefly: That shouldn’t be too hard.  It looks so delicious.

Dusk: Alright, are you ready to go save the day?

Firefly: It’s a long trip, first I’ve got to use the ladies room.

Dusk: Oh, I'll come with you.

(Both exit stage left.  Bell tolls and Bob enters Stage right)

Bob: Alright, time to switch up these potions.  Seems like everyone in town is running around talking about it, how did they expect me not to hear. (Bob switches the potions around) Wow, being evil is just soo easy.  I wonder why more people don’t do it.  Now where did my pet-brother go?  Weeble-Wobble!  (Exits stage right)

(Dusk and Firefly enter Stage left)

Dusk: Did you hear somebody yelling nonsense words in here.

Firefly: Yeah, but they are totally gone now, so let's not worry about it.

Dusk: Sounds great. Let's go save the day!

(Dusk and Firefly exit with potion)


Play for Winter 2019: Text
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