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Throw the One Ring into A Volcano

If I pull the one ring in the one collectors pack I bought, I would throw it into a volcano and be done with it. I grew up playing magic, one of my first memories was trading my older brothers for a fireball card. I don't remember what I gave them, but I remember the fireball, because I thought it was so cool. I've always thought of magic as a game, and they are turning it into a commodity. People are already offering $2 million dollars for the card and at that price, you'd have to be a fool to turn it down. I would turn it down right into a volcano, because I hate how this monetization of my sense of fun makes me feel. I'm 31 now, and I bought a draft booster box to draft with my friends, because I love the game. However, I move a lot and it could be years until I'm able to get a good group of 8 or 12 friends together to draft it. At that point, because it is a limited item, the box itself could have doubled or tripled in value, and I hate that I have to have that thought in my head. That people will consider me a fool for wanting to enjoy the game, and have a fun night hanging out with my friends. Financially, it is folly, and that has corrupted a game that I love. On top of that, they've done this Willy Wonka One Ring to rule them all, at $40 dollars a chocolate bar. Who wouldn't want to turn that one card into $2 million dollars if you drew it? But money isn't going to satisfy anyone if they don't have other passions in their life. Like magic has been for many of us. I love magic, but how long can that passion last when we all start seeing unopened packs in potential dollar signs. When we only open packs to get the "big-money" card everyone is looking for? I want it to just be cool again, like my fireball. I know it's easy to say throw it in the volcano when i don't have the card in front of me. The loss of the money isn't my burden to bear. But if the person who draws the card reads this I want them to know they would become a legend. Throw it in a volcano. We would sing songs about you to our children.

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