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And why "Bousphay"?

I am a playwright, storyteller, entertainer, and gamer.  I have 3 older siblings and they have called me Bousphay since infancy.  Bousphay doesn't have any meaning that I know of,  but I'm the only one on google.  I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2017 with a BA in Theater with an emphasis on play writing, since then I've been working with Onstage Theater creating plays for children.  I created this puppet video to explain how the program works. Check it out!

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I am currently expanding into writing for video games.  My first endeavor can be played here. It is a joke game where I tell you you and joke and ask if you laughed.  If you say yes, I give you another joke. If you say no, I give you a hard time.

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These Plays were all written for Onstage Theater Arts.  If you are interested in learning more about Onstage, check out their website here.

I have been working with Onstage Theater Arts to write and direct plays performed and inspired by K-3rd graders. The first week children put on costumes provided by the company and introduce us to whatever character they imagine themselves to be.  I take these characters and write a 20-30 minute play that is perfomed for parents and the school.  It has been a wonderful experience and I feel like it has positively impacted the children.


This was my first experience writing for Onstage, and I found it to be an exciting challenge.  I had 18 children whose every word becomes cannon, and it was fun to weave all the pieces together into a story.


This play had a lot of magic and mythology from the children and I ran with it.  The central antagonist killed a dragon and decided to wear its skin, an act that caused the dragon's magic to be distributed to all of the characters in the play. I asked the children if they wanted to save the dragon or keep their powers and only two children wanted to save the dragon.  Only two.


For this session, I took over writing plays for the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. This led to me writing two plays in two weeks.  Fortunately, the Tuesday class only had seven children, which allowed a lot more character development and interaction.  It also gave me an opportunity to throw in more jokes for the parents, children, and myself.


I tried something different with this one.  With nineteen children in the class I didn't get enough information about many of their characters, so after writing up the central plot around Capture the Flag, I brought the scripts in for the children to write some of their own lines.  When I got those scripts back I learned a couple of things.  First, children do not know what capture the flag is anymore. Second, children don't care about the plot and will just leave their scene in the middle without a destination.  I had to do a little "re-imagining" of some of the kids' lines but the whole thing turned out really well.

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They are pretty liberal.


I wrote this after Trump's breakfast where we was talking like Fredrick Douglas was a new up and comer.


My teacher really liked the gerbil, so I leaned into it.


A short three scene piece where Aunt Petunia solves all of Harry's problem.


I did this as a freelance project a few patches ago.

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“And if you don't know, now you know.”

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

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I hope you have enjoyed perusing through my writing.  If you would like to talk, feel free to contact my by email or text.  Have a wonderful day.

Fullerton, Ca


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